RentalTrader - specific software for Scaffolding, Formwork, Tower and Equipment rental industry  
  Save up to 50% of time you spend on each operation  
  Thanks to user-friendly system interface you can save time on each operation and optimize your human resources. Creation of new rental document takes jus a few moments. 
  Upgrade you customer satisfaction level
  By using our web based client access platform your customers can create new rental order, see their rental history and view all equipment that is currently rented in all objects. 
  Manage your costs and return of investments 
  With RentalTrader it’s easy to see your costs on every item of your stock (service, spare parts, cleaning, etc.) and review return of investment. 
  Go online with our web based software and business applications 
  No more software installations on your computers. Use RentalTrader from every device with internet connection. Be first in industry who uses modern mobile applications to serv your customers.  
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